fe61a4dd-a95c-47e1-bc97-e195af4527feOur 100 days of Accountability Yatra brought us to two women Santosh Devi and Kanta Devi, who were among those people who’re having the worst of this corrupt Indian system. The women belong to the Bhil tribe of rajasthan, a primitive tribe. Both are widows of the same man with one having a daughter. The daughter is married and she too has a daughter.

The child lives with her grandmother and step grandmother. So Santosh Devi has a family of three to look after. The postman asked for rs. 50 whenever he brought their pension. Now they’ve stopped receiving any pension altogether since last 3 months. They managed to open bank accounts but to no avail. The family is entitled to receive 35 kg ration under Antyodaya, since they belong to a primitive tribe and are BPL. But their ration card shows that they received no ration in 7 months out of the 12. And, when they do receive ration they’re provided only 25kg.

In fact, some months they only receive sugar. The family lives in dire conditions struggling to make ends meet by selling berries that they pick from the forest. Maximum they earn is R’s 100-150, an income that supports three lives. They live in a kachcha house, having never received any benefits of Indira Awas Yojana. The family possesses no sweaters in this chilly weather.